Alex Unthank is a New York based Artist and Printmaker born in 1987. Unthank received her BA in Visual Art from Sarah Lawrence College in 2009. She studied printmaking at Il Bisonte, Florence, Italy, and trained as a printmaker at Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in New York. She has been a teaching assistant at RBPMW, assisting with Lithography, Etching, Watercolor Monotype and Wood Cut among other techniques. Unthank works in a variety of mediums that encompass traditional printmaking techniques, photography, installation, and sculpture. Her work is often informed by elements of nature and urban landscape. Unthank deals with the aesthetic quality of the surrounding environment and she works from the patterns that emerge from the organic forms she observes in her everyday experience. 


My work reveals the complexity of the mundane: the idea that we are constantly surrounded by rich visual stimuli. I seek the beauty often ignored in our everyday experience to spark the imagination and further our understanding of the world around us.